People change, times change, companies change, context changes, opinions change.
Brand value changes too.
Nothing is permanent, except change.

Strong brands excel by adapting permanent to the dynamics of society,
deriving significance and equity due to distinctive relational abilities
without fading personality.

Luc Olyslager, brand strategist                         


With emphasis on research and strategic business focus, we develop concepts that amplify brand strengths in relation to opportunities in existing and potential markets.
In this perspective, innovative vision becomes a tool more then a goal. Effectiveness of the resulting insights are the only reference.


Exformation is what branding does. It ensures that  audiences can efficiently turn complex information  into manageable choice processes, concepts and shortlists. 

 This shortlists consists of associations with brand icons and personalities, turned into distinctive recognisable identities.  
Indepth understanding the exformation dynamics lead to  succesfull managing  choice, acceptance, rejection and preference processes of addressed audiences.


We consider society as a dynamic and interactive reality,  not a static two-dimensional platform.  This vision clears the way for substantial brand value and  perspectives for successful vivid and adaptive positioning. Strong brand response power and  substantiated creativity in a competitive marketing approach are the results.


In society, most facets are submitted to the laws of branding, with an essential impact on our choices  behaviour and personality. Political, ethical, cultural and social orientations are expressed in icons: opinion brands. 

By consequence the ability to effectively turn vision into marketable brand personalities represents the key success factor to obtain impact on society.

If the personality is loaded with solid distinctive facets, it becomes a beacon on which people can relate and take position according their own personal preferences and characteristics.


To deliver value added solutions in positioning, we work according to our customer's business success factors, business plans and road maps.
Depending on the assignment, an expert team is put together tailored to the involved project.

Based on reality checks and a specific brand assessment program, we match both apparent and hidden brand personality assets - in the largest sense - with actual and future context dynamics. 

Segmentation of brand assets into mental, behavior and performance characteristics is a part of what we do. 

The result reveals effective  strategic and tactical options,  driving the brands optimal differentiating capacity towards successfull harvesting.


Nothing more practical than a good theory!

A full blown pragmatic approach to brand emotion sounds paradoxal, but we prove it is the way to go today. We enable clients to think different about their brands, to discover options and make new choices.

Effective branding with a sustainable impact becomes the key success factor for almost every concept or offer that aimes for society adoption.

Branding processes proliferate, according the growing number of choices people need to make. Branding allows the exchange of complex and rich data in a compressed, functional and unified way. 


Luc Olyslager is brand engineer, opinion marketeer and strategy planner.
He formulates a distinctive vision on the positioning and fluctuation of brands and opinions. 
His approach is based on a remarkable fusion of the disciplines sociology, semiotics and marketing.

The methodology of Luc Olyslager helps companies work with the subjective side of a brand in an objective way. 

Experience include companies as Agfa Gevaert, Philips,  Fidea, Gillette, Siemens, Skoda, Delta Lloyd, TRN Toerisme Holland, Framatome Areva Group, ISPC, Viyo Int., The Bruges Art_Institute,  Argenta Bank, C&A, Bobbejaanland, AVIA, Kruidvat, CarpetRight, LukOil, Pelckmans Publishers, Terumo Europe, Merck, Astra Zeneca, Renault, Roularta Media, Herita,, van Staartjes!, various organisations and politicians.

Luc Olyslager is former lecturer at the Breda University in the field of international destination branding.